Welcome to Chance to Dance - Portsmouth

Chance to Dance - Portsmouth is the only adult integrated dance group in Portsmouth and is for able bodied dancers and people with disabilities.

The group has just celebrated its fifteenth birthday after it was formed in 1994 after an open workshop with CandoCo, and in response to an expressed need for a regular dance experience for people with physical disabilities, some of whom have learning difficulties.




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Beautiful Horses

Chance to Dance - Portsmouth takes part in community dance performances which brings together the best of local disability dance and mainstream community dancers whenever possible to showcase their work. Chance to Dance has worked with a number of practitioners from all different fields and play an important part in skilling up these people, whether they are dancers or care workers. Our dancers have fun whilst enjoying the benefits of dancing. i.e. Exercise, Mental Stimulation, Socialising, Being Creative and Sharing this Enjoyment with others. Another aim of our group is to raise the profile of disabled people as being positive role models in the community.

Chance to Dance - Portsmouth aims to continuously develop the skills of the dancers so that they can lead workshops to each other and to other groups both in the community and in educational settings.
We have just been awarded with Community First’s Small Sparks Funding to develop these skills even further enabling some of the group members to choreograph too.

The group meets for eight sessions per term at St Peter and Paul’s Church Hall in Wymering and operates in close conjunction with The Vanguard Centre.

with thanks too

Over the last fifteen years, Chance to Dance - Portsmouth has received funding from a number of national and local organisations including:

Joe Cordina (Atlas Vehicle Conversions)

Arts Council - Grants for the Arts

Community First’s Small Sparks Fund

Portsmouth City Council

National Lottery funding

Grass Roots

We would also like to thank the church of St Peter and Paul’s for their support.